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Medications for prostate enlargement and cataract surgery.

Several drugs given to middle-aged men for urinary retention and prostate enlargement have an effect on the eyes. This can be an important issue in men who are to have cataract surgery.

There are a number of medications in this group including Flomaxtra, Duodart and Saw Palmetto. While the drug does not damage the health of the eye, it can cause the iris muscles to become floppy and this can make cataract surgery more difficult and in some situations hazardous.

It is important that you let your eye doctor know that you are taking one of these medications so that precautions can be taken during the surgery to make the operation safer. In some situations it may be necessary to consider other treatment methods, or if may be necessary to stop the medication for a period of time prior to surgery, but no changes should ever be made without consulting your doctor.

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