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Normal examination procedure

examinationOur doctors are specialist ophthalmologists, and so you will need a referral letter for your appointment. Your general practitioner or optometrist can give you this. This will give our doctors information about your past eye health and any medical conditions that may affect your eye health. This will also enable you to claim a rebate from Medicare Australia.

Your appointment may take up to 3 hours. After entering your details into the system at reception, you will be seen first by one of our orthoptists who will do some preliminary testing before seeing the doctor.

A medical history is taken, the vision is tested and the front part of the eyes is examined. Anaesthetic drops are used to check the ocular pressures. You will then have dilating drops put into your eyes so that it is possible to examine the back of your eyes. These drops may take up to half an hour to work, and may blur your vision for several hours afterwards. We suggest bringing sunglasses to help with the glare, and also be aware that your vision may be blurred so driving may be difficult. Sometimes additional diagnostic tests are needed and these may incur extra costs. This will be explained to you in full detail.

Every patient is checked for cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration as part of a normal eye test.

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